The First Tee of Shawnee County helps kids learn the importance of being healthy and having an active lifestyle.  And it does it in ways kids will understand.  The First Tee Nine Healthy Habits were created through a collaboration among The First Tee, ANNIKA Foundation and Florida Hospital for Children.  We are delighted to bring the benefits of that work to your child.



Participants learn that it’s important to make healthy choices about when to eat, how much to eat, and the types of food and drinks to provide the that will give their bodies the most useful energy.


Who doesn’t love to play?  And guess what – playing is good for us!  A variety of energizing play can help our bodies stay strong, lean and fit. Kids learn that to really enjoy playing, they need good sleep and other forms of “re-charging” on a daily basis.


No one enjoys getting hurt.  That’s why The First Tee of Shawnee County emphasizes how playing safely, by the rules, and with the right equipment, will reduce the need for bandages and doctor visits.  We also stress the importance of warming-up, cooling-down, and wearing sun protection.



Helping kids achieve their dreams can be difficult unless they first know where they want to go in life.  In order to make the most of their unique gifts—talents, characteristics and abilities— we help our kids learn from the past, value the present, and create a future vision that will “leave a footprint.”


A child’s mind is a powerful and precious resource.  We help kids avoid trauma responses by discussing emotions, behaviors, maintaining perspective, and, ultimately, building confidence.


Did you know you can improve your child’s health (and yours too!) just by spending time doing things together?  Activities like sharing meals, doing chores, and working together on homework bring mental and physical benefits for adults and children.



Healthy social relationships with friends and other supportive people are key factors in your child’s ability to effectively handle challenging situations like bullying and abuse.  Kids in The First Tee of Shawnee County get real-life exposure and lessons about healthy relationships and updated tips to help them, and you, navigating the digital age and social media.


It’s a proven fact that kids in The First Tee program consistently demonstrate a higher appreciation for, and success in, school.  Our 9 Healthy Habits lessons subtly cover how important school is to your child’s future success, in building relationships, and success in other areas of life.


A real emphasis in our programming is encouraging kids to consider their community as a friend that needs their help and attention.  When we all live in healthy communities, we, as individuals, are also healthier.  TFT kids quickly discover how they can give back and care for our environment, neighborhoods, and people.